1st Asia-Oceania VLBI Meeting

"A Vision for Science and Technology with the AOV"


Program and Abstracts

New Zealand Radio Astronomical Observatory - Sergei Gulyaev (AUT)

GSI's Vision for the AOV - Ryoji Kawabata (GSI)

Current activity of NICT/Kashima as Technical Development Center - Kazuhiro Takefuji (NICT)

The present status and future view of VERA Geodesy - Takaaki Jike (NAOJ)

R&D activities and plans of Space Geodesy Group at KASI - Jungho Cho (KASI)

Geodetic VLBI development at SHAO and its connection with AOV future - Fengchun Shu (SHAO)

Progress with the Seshan VGOS Station - Guangli Wang (SHAO)

Status of the Long Baseline Array - Chris Philipps (CSIRO)

The AuScope VLBI Array - Jim Lovell (UTas)

VLBI research activities in hobart: an offer for collaboration - Lucia Plank (UTas)

Redio Astronomy in Thailand: Present and Future - Prudth Jaroenjittichai (NARIT)

The status of Shanghai Station - Bo Xia (SHAO)

Using quasar physics to improve the VLBI celestial and terrestrial reference frames - Stas Shabala (UTas)

Application of the AOV Network for radio source structure production - Oleg Titov (GA)

Resolving the emission region of pulsars with scintillometry - Franz Kirsten (Curtin University)

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place at Mures on Thursday at 7 pm, right at the Hobart waterfront. Following the trip to the observatory, participants will go there directly by bus. There will be no organised transport from the restaurant to the University / hotels after dinner. It is about a 25min walk from the restaurant to the conference venue. Alternatively we suggest to share cabs.