1st Asia-Oceania VLBI Meeting

"A Vision for Science and Technology with the AOV"

The first Science and Technology meeting of the Asia-Oceania VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry will be hosted by the University of Tasmania in Hobart on November 19 and 20 2015.

Rationalle: "A vision for science and technology with the AOV”

AOV meeting participants in front of Hb


Within the AOV there is a focus on understanding the risks and reducing the effects of climate change in the region. The AOV has an important role to play through measurement of the reference frame and determination of plate motions. The AOV currently runs a 6 day per year joint observing program and there is significant observing activity in smaller groups within the region. There is scope here for additional coordination and collaboration. The meeting will have a focus on reviewing the 2015 AOV observing program and setting future priorities.


The AOV also has an aim to achieve closer collaboration on technology. Colleagues in several AOV countries are in various stages of planning, establishing and operating new facilities and hardware that are compatible with VGOS. Some of us are also developing observing techniques that will make continuous VGOS operations more streamlined. There will be an emphasis on strengthening collaboration in these areas.


What is your vision for the AOV in science and technology development? What is the best observing program for the region and how can we achieve it? What opportunities do we have to develop technology and techniques together? What advantages do we have over other geodetic VLBI facilities and how can we best exploit them? How can your facilities and research programs (current and planned) be used within the AOV to encourage and improve collaboration?


Scientific Organising Committee

Jungho Cho
Sergei Gulyaev
Ryoji Kawabata
Jim Lovell
Lucia Plank
Fengchun Shu
Kazuhiro Takefuji
Guangli Wang

Local Organising Committee

Karen Bradford
Simon Ellingsen
Imogen Jones
Jim Lovell
Jamie McCallum
Lucia Plank
Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi
Stas Shabala
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Important Dates

August 19 : Registration opens
September 23 : Early-bird registration closes
October 16 : Final deadline for registration and abstracts

Letter of Invitation

Do you need a letter of invitation for visa purposes? Please contact the local organising committee