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Super Science Fellow
Title of Presentation

James Allen (USyd)
Classification and Analysis of Emission Line Spectra in Galaxy Surveys
James Allison (USyd)
Extragalactic HI Absorption with the Australian SKA Pathfinder
Alan Alves-Brito (RSAA/ANU)
Red Giant Stars as Tracers of the Chemical Evolution of the Galactic Bulge
Luke Barnes (USyd)
Lyman Alpha as a Probe of Galaxy Formation
Amanda Bauer (AAO)
Linking Star Formation Histories with Galaxy Assembly
Daniela Carollo (Macquarie U.)
The Current View of the Halo of the Milky Way
Michelle Cluver (AAO)
Connecting Warm H2 Emission and Active Transformation within Compact Groups
Joanne Dawson (UTas)
The Atomic-to-Molecular Transition in the Milky Way and Beyond
Valentina D'Orazi (Macquarie U.)      
Chemical Characterisation of Young and Old Stellar Populations
Ed Elson (UWA)
A Census of Galactic Winds in the Local Universe
Thomas Franzen (CASS)
The AT20G-deep pilot survey: Investigating the faint high-radio-frequency source population
Thibault Garel (Swinburne U.)
Lyman-alpha Emission of High Redshift Galaxies
Paul Hancock (USyd)
Compact Continuum Source Finding for the Next Generation of Radio Surveys
Natasha Hurley-Walker (Curtin U.)
Commissioning and Calibrating the Murchison Widefield Array
Catherine Kennedy (RSAA/ANU) Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars in the Galaxy
Hansik Kim (U. Melbourne)
The Power Spectrum of Redshifted 21cm Fluctuations in Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Models
Maritza Lara-Lopez (AAO)
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): A Deeper View of the Mass, Metallicity, and SFR Relationships in Galaxies
Jamie McCallum (UTas) Using the AuScope VLBI Array
Anthony Mémin (UTas) Geophysical drivers of non-linear site motion in geodetic station coordinates
Matt Owers (AAO)
Putting the 'MA' in GAMA:  The assembly of Abell 1882
Attila Popping
DINGO's Walkabout Through the Deep HI Universe
Stas Shabala (UTas)
Where on Earth are we? The challenges in geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry
O. Ivy Wong (CASS)
Understanding the Evolving Local Universe from a Neutral Gas Perspective

Non-Presenting Guests

John Dickey (UTas)

Simon Ellingsen (UTas)

Raymond Haynes

Andrew Hopkins (AAO)

Jim Lovell (UTas)

Ray Norris (CASS)